2022 Raba Gada USA Conference Highlights

By , July 27, 2022 7:47 am

Who is the Raba Gada

A year and a half ago, the Raba Gada USA(RGU) organization was formed with a vision to create an inclusive platform that brings our resources under a common umbrella. The overall RGU vision addresses a socio-economic issue within the Borana community in diaspora and back home while promoting Borantiti and embracing our culture and values.

RGU’s mission is to establish a sustainable self-help structure for timely and effective response to socio-economic issues that arise among our community in diaspora, positively participate in the affairs of our society back home (Southern Ethiopia and Northern Kenya), and create a viable bond with our roots.

Some of the goals attributed to the RGU are to “create a platform where our community will discuss issues promoting our advancement”, and “empower our youth to encourage the continuity of our values and identity in diaspora as well as cultivate our future leaders”.

Highlights of the Conference

On Friday, July 22nd, the Raba Gada Organization held their first ever conference in Seattle, Washington. The subsequent youth organization(Raba Gada Youth) opened with a sightseeing event where they got to meet in person. The youth got to enjoy several different activities as well as travelled throughout the city.

Raba Gada Youth Group at a pier while traveling throughout the city

On Saturday, July 23rd, the main event had commenced with the blessings of the elder’s, a customary introduction to any gathering, emphasizing the importance of unity and values along with advice on how to move forward as a community. Following the blessings, came the youth portion of the event, led by Lokho Jarso and Machi Dima, in which the youth, introduced themselves, displayed unique presentations with elder speeches and heartfelt stories, a fashion show, and traditional music. Afterwards, The Sabo Gona women group prepared traditional food for the gathering. The event was, then, concluded again by the blessing’s of the elders, following a very productive and fruitful day.

On Sunday, July 23, the group had a social gathering and barbecue at a park. It was the first time the youth and elders got together in this type of event. The day concluded with the musician Kadir Kotola performing traditional music and the group’s constituents joining in dance.

All in all, the weekend was a major success in providing a lasting effect for the Borana community to continue to pull from the efforts of the youth and elders to strengthen and benefit them.

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