Joy and Tears as Families Reunite in Tigray region of Ethiopia

By , December 28, 2022 10:53 pm

There was a shutdown of communication and flights to Tigray region of Ethiopia for much of the two-year conflict. This kept many Tigrayans away from their families.

The war started after a massive fall-out between Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the TPLF-controlled regional government. The conflict has killed thousands, and displaced millions of people across northern Ethiopia.

The African Union (AU) brokered a deal between the two sides last month to end hostilities and to restore basic services in Tigray. It was emotional scenes when the commercial flights between the federal capital Addis Ababa and the regional capital Mekelle resumed. Passengers were dropping to their knees and kissing the tarmac at the airport in Mekelle upon arrival.

Ethio Telecom also confirmed reconnecting Mekelle and 27 other urban areas to internet and telephone services on Wednesday, 28.12.22.