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Historically Borana Gada system is rated the best democracy globally and documented by UNESCO. However, the once respected Borana decision making organ has been watered down by politics of hand-outs that has left Marsabit County Borana more vulnerable and easier target for manipulation by political classes than perceived cash economy by the perpetrators who value position more than community interest. 

The current hyped political activity across Borana constituent registered in 2022 is a true reflection of politically malfunctioned traditional leadership system where representative of Gada leadership locally known as Qa’ee, Jaalllaba and senior elders (Jaarsa dheedaa) have failed to grasp the opportunity to guide community strategically to guard political interest unlike 2017 where they played pivot role to clinch the converted Marsabit County governor seat. 

We are politically exposed

This year’s election has exposed Borana Nation governance both depicted by besieged local Gada structure and its elites’ class to make right decision. 

Borana being majority voters in cosmopolitan constituency doesn’t warranty the level of political seats. Efforts to front multiple candidates for different elective position rather reflect our leadership’s incapacity to entrench alliances with like-minded ethnic groups to win the converted political seats once more. 

I ably understand the situation is beyond my limit as individual, nevertheless I find it necessary evil to register my opinion as concerned voter and victim of impending grand loss though am not prophet of doom. 

Our Borana Council of Elders institutions in Marsabit County have failed to seize the opportunity to salvage the situation due to political mistrust, capacity gaps. The current scenario where candidates and supporter’s clarion call my aspirant my choice campaign without visualizing feature political, social, and economic impact on Borana community. The locking of avenues of negotiated democracy by political players is suicidal politically and replica of 2013. In my honest opinion which am certain the blind folded political office seekers will not admit to it. There’s only one option to salvage already sinking boat and that is if only and only inspiration comes the way of individual candidates to make wise decision to step down for more popular candidate in favor of Borana not the competitors that is making individual sacrifice without listening to side noises not unless one intends to political tenderpreneur or thrive on clan pillar and analogy it’s our turn to eat.

Its common sense the political popularity among Borana is not measured by leadership ability for last two decades but based on how frequent you visit rural homes or contribution towards many fundraisers in few months before election to earn ‘nasole’ tag which in my observation political investment in already poverty stricken rural and low income urban forks. 

In my personal opinion, it’s only the political aspirants who can comfortably save the situation and play Borana messianic role in 2022. 

Galgalo Arero Boru is a resident of Saku Constituency.

Galgalo Arero Boru