Ethiopian forces contain Al-Shabab’s incursion

By , July 28, 2022 9:59 pm

Al-Shabab entered Ethiopia on 20 July 2022 through the Afdheer zone into the Somali region and attacked towns close to the border with Somalia, namely Aato and Yeed, where regional special (Liyu) police were encamped.

According to federal government communication service, government forces have continued engaging Al-Shabaab militants at multiple locations within the Somali region “accompanied by victory.” Throughout the military engagement between Al-Shabaab and federal-regional forces, 209 Al-Shabaab fighters were killed with the number of captives remaining unknown. Communication service added that Al-Shabaab units’ heavy weaponry had been depleted while three out of four long-range radio equipment of the group had been seized.

A commander with Somali regional forces told Reuters that 22 of his own troops had died in fight with Al-Shabaab. The fighting adds to existing security problems in Ethiopia as the government is trying to quell an insurgency in Oromiya region, pacify disgruntled paramilitary groups in Amhara region, and start peace negotiations with the rebellious northern region of Tigray.