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Borana Global Media was born out of the lack of Media Companies addressing the issues that the Borana community in southern Ethiopia, Northern Kenya and the diaspora experience, and it is also in this light a guiding principle was formed – Source of news for truth and excellence (“Madda oduu dhugaa fi guddinnaa” in Borana).

Borana Global Media focuses on promoting the Borana culture, current affairs, sharing well thought opinions, identify and encourage talented people to participate, while creating confidence in the community.

Since its inception, Borana Global Media is very trusted and always finding new ways to reach out. For decades the Borana community has been without adequate media communication, this has resulted in lack of integration on a local and global scale.

Thanks to a team of Boranan media experts, information and interaction is possible through Borana Global Media website. The company is equipped with advance media equipment, proficient media staff, and an interactive user-friendly online presence.

By promoting online interactive media services, Borana Global Media seeks to build trust, solidarity and foster mutual relations in the Borana community, and with people around the globe.

Why Borana Global Media?

Borana Global Media is the only non-profit venture created for public interest and awareness. It is the bridge between the Borana communities and the world.

Critics acclaim Borana Global Media swing it in ‘facts’ and ‘truth’! It is journalism at its best in the horn of Africa – a very trusted news media.

Wherever Borana Global Media goes, excitement follows! Journalist and camera crew position themselves to lead with truth reporting and recording all footage.

Borana Global Media Leadership

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Borana Global Media Contributors:

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Subscriptions: Borana Global Media offers a VIP subscription option for readers who want to support us in our fight to edifiy and promote Borana people and culture. You can sign up here.

Correction Policy: Borana Global Media strives to provide factual, accurate and unbiased reporting. Corrections and updates to articles (except for minor typographical errors) are at the bottom of the article. To report an error, please email communications@boranaglobalmedia.com.

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